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Systems Engineering

Building effective programs requires both strategic vision and engineering discipline. At MCM Tech, we deliver systems engineering and integration solutions that span from enterprise governance to financial analytics to engineering design and delivery. This broad perspective is fundamental in helping our defense, intelligence and civilian agency customers balance affordability and mission needs.

MCM Tech supports many of the government's most challenging and important systems and programs. By combining engineering expertise, domain knowledge, disciplined program management and robust analytical tools and processes, we support the systems life cycle from concept development through deployment and operations. Our fact-based analytics help our customers not only build more agile, efficient, cost-effective and capable systems but also optimize mission capabilities through enterprise-level integration. MCM Tech has a solid team of engineers who fully understand customer operating and security needs. Many engineers are in leadership positions ensuring engineering projects run smoothly and meet objectives. Our administrators ensure customer systems are operated in a manner that meets the needs of end users and stakeholders. As a result, we provide the U.S. intelligence community with the needed infrastructure and support.

Software Architecture

The software architecture of a system is the set of structures needed to reason about the system, which comprise software elements, relations among them, and properties of both. The term also refers to documentation of a system's "software architecture." Documenting software architecture facilitates communication between stakeholders, documents early decisions about high-level design, and allows reuse of design components and patterns between projects.

MCM Tech is poised to meet the demands of emerging technology related to Cloud computing (Amazon We Services). Our personnel have deep knowledge in the following areas to meet the current demand of Cloud/Big Data Infrastructure including the following skillset

  •       ✓  Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL, BigTable, and HBase and large data sets.
  •       ✓  Hadoop technology stack layer - HIVE, HDFS, Map/Reduce, FLUME, PIG, Cloudera, etc.
  •       ✓  Virtualization technology
  •       ✓  Server platform processor architecture
  •       ✓  Micro-architecture performance and workload characterization
  •       ✓  Memory subsystem performance optimization
  •       ✓  Server platform power optimization

Database Administration/Architecture

Data architecture in Information Technology is composed of models, policies, rules or standards that govern which data is collected, and how it is stored, arranged, integrated, and put to use in data systems and in organizations. A Data Architecture is often the design of data for use in defining the target state and the subsequent planning needed to achieve the target state. It is usually one of several architecture domains that form the pillars of an enterprise architecture or solution architecture.

Our seasoned DBAs and Data Architects have supported customer data management needs in customer environments. Our team members have experience with design, implementation, operation, administration, backup, and recovery, all within the constraints of the customer's process and infrastructure. We have implemented complex Oracle RAC databases running with High-Availability architecture (99.9999%) encompassing the most stringent security enabled systems without compromising the performance. When your data is mission critical, you can trust MCM Tech to manage your data resources and our personnel know how to get it done.