Welcome to MCM Technology!

Pay and Benefits

Superb Place to work

  Professional atmosphere
  Friendly executives
  Skilled co-workers
  True team environment
  A close-knit community
  Flexible work schedule

Outstanding Benefits - Zero Overhead and G&A- Means More Compensation To Employees

  250 hours of PTO hours
  25% of Salary matched as SEP IRA
  Example, if your salary is $160,000/year. MCM Technology, LLC will match $40,000 as annual SEP IRA amount      and deposit the funds on a monthly basis in your SEP investment account of choice from Day 1.
  No Vesting time for SEP IRA
  100% paid Medical Coverage (Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem)
  100% paid Dental Coverage (Delta Dental)
  100% paid Vision Plan (Blue Cross Blue Shield/Anthem)
  Long-term Disability Plan