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Welcome to MCM Technology

"Your mission is ours"

MCM Technology, LLC (MCM Tech) was founded by Dr. Malie Mahesh & Mr. Mahesh Raj. Dr.Malie Mahesh, is a retired Pharmacist Manager who graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison and worked in Pharmacy field over 15 years. Mr. Mahesh Raj, the CTO of MCM Technology, LLC has worked as an Engineer/IT Professional for 30 years and an alumni of Michigan State University. Between the two founders of MCM Tech, they have invested over sixty years of our life in college education and work experience with several fortune 500 companies. Mr. Raj has received two Master's degrees in Engineering from Michigan State University. Mr.Raj has a Professional Engineering License and has worked as an Engineering and IT Consultant and as a Program Manager as well.

Dr. Mahesh believes the success of a company lies with the quality and happiness of an employee. The happiness of your best people determines a lot, from productivity and engagement to overall retention. Happy workers are more likely to dream big, work hard, and stick around for years to come. MCM Tech strives to hire highly motivated employees. MCM Tech maintains high transparency and offers the best compensation package in Northern Virginia area and by doing so, we believe employees will go for the 'extra mile'.

MCM Tech primarily works with the intelligence community. We are no stranger to complex missions or organizations, fast-paced deadlines, or the need for mission critical results. Our dedicated employees understand the value of using business analysis and preliminary design to define the true business needs of an organization. This analysis clearly defines the customer's needs as well as the solution that will meet those needs.

Who is MCM Technology?

MCM Technology is a small business IT Consulting firm specializing in offering comprehensive IT solutions. Work is focused on providing services and solutions to the U.S. intelligence community. Whether you need to extend the capabilities of your services team, have a fast-paced deadline or need a new software solution, MCM Tech can help with your enterprise. MCM Tech employees are simply the best and they have established incredible rapport with the customer.